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  • Why Not Coffee Importers (WNC) is exactly  what Iliana thought after a year on lockdown during Covid and after almost 8 months unemployed, back home, living with her parents, looking into new business opportunities. Although the question had been asked many times throughout the years, it wasn´t until September 2021 when a friend asked her, “why not import green coffee?” that there wasn´t a good enough answer as to why not do it. In 2021, Iliana was starting her 11th year working in the coffee industry, working everywhere from the selection of seedlings in the farms, to government-wide initiatives; from high-end, tailor-made micro lots, to export logistics and regulation, sustainability certifications and verifications; from roasting to brewing - Iliana had done it all. The question thus became a motivator to accomplishing a new milestone: why not import green coffee into the United States of America? After a full year of operations (lessons learned, challenges and solutions), the question why not import green coffee became the answer instead: why not. And thus, Why Not Coffee Importers Corp was born. 

    Several year later, seeking to diversify income  streams and embrace the rich agricultural potential of the northern region of Colombia, the company ventured into cultivating cacao beans, unveiling a new chapter in their story. What sets WNC apart is the unwavering commitment to sustainable practices. Embracing a familial heritage of responsible farming, the family-owned coffee plantation, which now also houses cacao trees, resonates with a dedication to preserving the pristine landscapes of Colombia while nurturing crops that reflect the company values. Adding cacao cultivation to the coffee business wasn't just about a shift in crops; it was a conscientious decision to honor the environment and the communities that thrive within it. By embracing organic farming methods, WNC prioritizes the health of Colombian soil, the well-being of the workers, and the richness of the ecosystem. The company’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond farming practices; it's ingrained in their ethos, guiding every aspect of their operations. What emerges from cacao trees is more than just a product—it's a testament to the company values. Each bean carries the essence of Colombia, cultivated with care and respect for nature's rhythms. From the delicate nurturing of the trees to the careful harvesting and processing, WNC ensure that their cacao embodies the highest standards of quality, purity, and ethical production.

    Now, as WNC sets their sights on the international market, the company aspires to share the fine aroma cacao beans with the world. 

    We invite you to experience the richness of Colombian flavors, infused with the dedication of the family behind the company, and the commitment to sustainable agriculture. Join us on this journey as we showcase the result of our finest cacao yet, grown responsibly, in harmony with nature, from our family to yours.

  • We have been involved in the coffee business with our family’s plantations for the last 14 years and had been considering getting into the cacao business since 2015 – finally that dream is coming true, to support the diversification of incomes to support coffee growers in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. Our cacao beans have been carefully fermented, dried and hand-sorted for your enjoyment. We offer both fine cacao beans and nibs for chocolatiers, as well as for bean-to-bar chocolate makers. But everyone is welcome to buy, regardless of their career path! 

  • As a sustainable cacao farm nestled in the breathtaking landscape of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia, Isabelita Cacao embraces a profound commitment to cultivating fine cacao, while prioritizing environmental stewardship, community engagement, and ethical practices.

    Our journey began with a deep-rooted passion for preserving the natural richness of Colombia's agricultural heritage. Set against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada, the world's highest coastal mountain range, our farm stands as a testament to the unique harmony between nature's gifts and responsible farming practices.

    At Isabelita Cacao, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's the cornerstone of everything we do. We are acutely aware of the fragility of our ecosystems and the imperative to safeguard them. That's why our farming methods revolve around organic practices, eschewing synthetic chemicals and pesticides that harm both the land and those who tend to it. Instead, we prioritize natural solutions and biodiversity conservation, ensuring the health and vitality of our soil, plants, and surrounding ecosystem.

    Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond farming techniques and third party certifications – without discrediting their good work! We believe that we can be sustainable in our farms, allocating resources to offering better wages, improving living conditions in the farm for our workers, and guaranteeing the well-being of the people involved in our farming process; resources that would have otherwise been intended to payment to certification entities. We actively engage in reforestation efforts, planting native trees and flora to support the region's delicate balance and protect against erosion. Through these endeavors, we aim to contribute to the preservation of the Sierra Nevada's unique biodiversity, respecting the interconnectedness of all living beings within this ecosystem.

    Community involvement is integral to our ethos. We recognize the importance of uplifting and empowering the local communities that coexist with us. By providing training, education, and fair employment opportunities, we aim to enhance livelihoods and create a sense of shared ownership in our sustainable practices. Collaborating with neighboring farmers, we promote knowledge-sharing sessions, empowering each other with insights into sustainable farming methods and innovative agricultural techniques.

    Our pursuit of excellence in cacao farming is underscored by a relentless commitment to quality. We meticulously nurture our cacao trees, ensuring optimal growth and harvest. From careful selection of cacao varieties to precise harvesting and fermentation processes, we uphold stringent standards to yield cacao beans of unparalleled quality and flavor. Each bean embodies the terroir of the Sierra Nevada, reflecting its unique characteristics and the meticulous care with which it's cultivated.

    Moreover, we envision our farm not only as a producer of fine cacao beans but also as a catalyst for transformation. Through ongoing research, innovation, and collaboration with experts in the field, we aim to elevate the perception and appreciation of cacao globally, starting off with our very own Colombian cacao. Our aspiration is to create a ripple effect, inspiring others within the industry to adopt sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and the quality of their produce.

  • Why Not Coffee Importers Corp (WNC), founded by Iliana Delgado Chegwin, originates from a longstanding coffee-producing family in the northern region of Colombia. Iliana, stepped into the coffee industry in 2010, and three years later ventured into the creation of their exporting company alongside her father, Dario Delgado Salazar. Their combined expertise in international business and logistics operations led to the establishment and growth of three coffee farms, a coffee mill, a roasting company, and a coffee exporter in Colombia.

    The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021 brought about unforeseen opportunities. Amidst the challenging landscape, Iliana and Dario founded WNC, with a vision to explore direct trade viability. Despite the challenging timing, they secured their first business account, initiating their journey as coffee importers into the United States.

    With Iliana's extensive experience in the coffee industry, ranging from coordinating specialty coffee sales nationwide for The National Coffee Growers Federation (Fedecafé, in Spanish) to being a Relationship Manager for a high-end specialty coffee exporter, her expertise became a pivotal asset. Her global exposure, participation in industry events, and technical visits to coffee-producing countries gives her an unmatched edge when it comes identifying gaps in the market and providing a much needed service. Strategically based in Jacksonville, Florida, an international port city, WNC aimed to deliver the most reliable green coffee in Florida. Iliana’s commitment to reliability encompassed timely delivery, consistent quality, and ensuring continuity—a fundamental aspect often overlooked in the dynamic coffee business.

    Pioneering direct trade, the company collaborates with businesses at origin (Colombia) and destination (USA), eliminating unnecessary intermediaries for a more streamlined supply chain. The company focuses on delivering traceability, transparency, and agility in their services, offering a gateway to high-quality, sustainable coffee beans for a burgeoning market.

Core Values


We are committed to sustainability in every aspect of our operations. We prioritize organic farming practices that respect the environment, conserve biodiversity, and promote regenerative agricultural techniques. We strive to minimize our ecological footprint, aiming for a harmonious balance between farming productivity and preserving the natural ecosystems of Colombia.

Ethical Awareness

Our foundation is built on fair trade principles. We prioritize equitable relationships with our cacao farmers and local communities, ensuring fair compensation, safe working conditions, and empowering opportunities. Upholding ethical standards is integral to our business, fostering trust, respect, and mutual benefit among all stakeholders in our supply chain.

Quality Excellence

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality in every cacao bean we export. Our commitment to excellence spans from meticulous cultivation and harvesting practices to stringent quality control measures. We maintain the highest standards to ensure that our fine aroma cacao meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers worldwide, as it is aware of producers’ realities and possibilities globally.

Building Community

We believe in the power of community and actively work towards fostering thriving, empowered communities within Colombia. By investing in education, training, and infrastructure development, we aim to uplift the lives of our farmers and their families. Through collaborative initiatives, we empower local communities to become self-sufficient, fostering a sense of pride and ownership in their roles within the cacao farming landscape.